We, TOKYO MELODY made a contract with BOUMQUEUR EDITION of France, and
our albums will be distributed to the world via the Internet.
You can download "HUG SESSION" of "Peach Orange" from November 24,
2014 wherever you are!
Check it out: (France) (U.S.)

Trans-border musical activities from TOKYO!

We are an independent label and a group of musical composers in Tokyo, Japan. Our best genre is New Age, but we have written music for apps available on iPhone and iPad, musicals, stages, radio programs, Chiba City Museum of Science, and public vehicles.
We have experienced musicians and we strive to provide professional and high quality music for you.
Also, we enhance collaborations with wonderful artists like photographers and disseminate our products to the world with the Japanese spirit.

Released CD

Hug session/Peach Orange
Crystal bowl: Momoyo Yamaguchi
Piano: Mika Matsuura
Released in September 19, 2013.
All songs were improvised with Crystal bowls and piano.
The vibration of the crystal bowls and the soft piano sounds will make you relaxed.

Mika Matsuura (Pianist, Composer)
Machiko Nishikawa (Instructor and Adviser of Ayurveda)
Released in September 24, 2013.
Machiko Nishikawa who is a leading expert on Ayurveda and Mika Matsuura who is a pianist and composer show you how to feel Ayurveda, which is the 5,000-year-old knowledge of healing from India, through their original music. The piano sound is different from classical Indian style, but it would fit with the present day.

Personal profile

Mika Matsuura
(Composer, pianist and producer of Tokyo Melody)

She was born and brought up in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, and she began playing the piano and improvising music at the age of 5. She released her first solo album named “Lake Erie” on NEP NEW YORK in 2000. Her original song placed high in the rankings of the J-WAVE MUSIC HYPER MARKET for a year. Game music “Okami Piano Arrange” which she arranged and performed in 2007 is still popular among game fans from all over the world. She composed for many projects such as “Sapporo White Illumination”, “Heart no Okurimono (Picture book)”, app for the iPhone and iPad “Shuffle Nurie”. In 2012, her composition “Hachiko bus no uta” got an award from Shibuya City Office, Tokyo. Also, she performed at the concert of Chikako Sawada, musical “SEMPO” of Koji Kikkawa, “The Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman” of James Onoda, “GIFT” of Miho Morikawa.

One of a credible member of TOKYO MELODY
Hiroshi Hiruma
(vocalist of "THE TROPYZ" and "CLUBFOLK", composer, arranger)

From 1997, he released 5 singles and an album as a vocalist of "No!Galars" from avex cutting edge.
In 2000, he released a single as a member of "STEREOLIQUID" .
He wrote many lyrics for Naomi Amagata, Cascade, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yoshino Kimura, Hekiru Shina, Ami Suzuki, tohko, and supported globe, Hekiru Shina, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Hideaki Matsuoka as a guiter player and background chorus, and worked for musical PIPIN, Rock'n Jam, SEMPO as an engineer.

VIN OOTA, is a very experienced creative director and photographer.
He was involved in planning campaigns, product development,
designing newspaper and magazine advertising and commercial film production.
His clients were Sony, Kirin, Kose, Lion and others,
and he has directed more than 100 advertising movie works.
He was selected to appear in the ADC
(Tokyo Art Directors Club Annual, the most prestigious advertisement
and design trends reference magazine. )

Vin is the director of the video series called "Sacred Journey" at 2013.
Originally our ancestor called sightseeing "KAN-KOU 観光”
in the meaning of seeing the sacred light on their journey.

● Schedule

2014Feb1-4 MIDEM2014 at Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Brand New CD release
Mika Matsuura,Machiko Nishikawa
Listen here
rewarding life
in the moonlight

Brand New CD release
Peach & Orange
(Mika Matsuura,Momoyo Yamaguchi
Hug session-hp.jpg
Listen here

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